CJCasa Angelica offers a full range of therapies for our children and young adults to include the following:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Pet Therapy

Each therapist provides one on one therapy along with group therapy sessions. The therapists coordinates with all members of the Interdisciplinary Team to provide a holistic therapy program for our young people.

The Physical Therapy Program focuses on the gross motor needs to support each person’s mobility and independence. Mobile standers, gait trainers and seating systems are all part of the Physical Therapy Program at Casa Angelica.

RonnieThe Occupational Therapy Program focuses on assisting our young people with Activities of Daily Living along with the functional use of Augmentive communication devices, the computer and the IPAD. This enables our young people to communicate with caretakers, family and friends enhancing each person’s quality of life.

The Speech and Language Therapy Program is diverse in evaluating the areas of expressive and receptive communication along with all areas of oral motor function. The use of VOCA switches, schedule boards and simple sign language enables our young people to express their needs.

Aquatic Therapy is an integral part of our Active Treatment Program. A therapeutic indoor pool is on site. Whether participating in range of motion activities in the water or relaxing in the pool and just having fun, the Aquatic Therapy Program is one of the highlights of our program.

SarahMusic Therapy brings joy to the young people of Casa Angelica. Social interaction, facilitation of exploration of their environment through play and physical applications to music and relaxation are all a part of the Active Treatment Program.

Pet Therapy brings an unconditional affection between our young people and specially trained dogs. The therapist works with each consumer to elicite a response with the animal. From “petting” to “walking the dog” each person feels special with the bond that is created.

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